Friday, June 24, 2011

Starting Points In Affiliate Marketing

Several internet marketing experts have been at the forefront of affiliate marketing in Singapore, and one of the most popular people in this arena has been our own home-grown talent, Ewen Chia. As anaffiliate marketer, he has not only achieved amazing results, he is also among the millionaire elite in internet marketing. Rosalind Gardner, another very popular affiliate marketer, has also produced powerful results, often making in excess of $50,000 in a single day as an affiliate.

If you plan to achieve the same kinds of results as they have, you will need you focus on several starting points.

First, you need to have a group that can support you technically. It is literally impossible for you, especially if you are not technically savvy, to start off affiliate marketing without webhosting and technical support. To do this, register for a cheap webhosting account, and then hire a decent technical support person to assist you in various matters. As a beginner, you probably want to have your pages
uploaded and your server backed up in case anything happens (sometimes, servers do get hacked, and the only way to protect yourself is to have regular backups).

Second, you need to start off being able to find great products. If you know how to find products, you’d be amazed at how much you can sell. After all, half the battle is already won, and now you only need to focus on the marketing aspect of things. If you plan to sell anything as an affiliate, one of the two best-known products on the market that will give you a great headstart on affiliate marketing are (1) Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook. This is a really good guide on how to get
started on affiliate marketing and has been very well organized and updated. I believe that if you are looking to start off affiliate marketing, you will need this handbook. (2) Ewen Chia’s Secret Affiliate Weapon. This product is a real no-brainer, because it is filled with information about how you develop your internet marketing capabilities utilizing some very interesting approaches. I consider this of strategic importance, and should be used when you want to increase your sales. I’m talking about a product bundle that probably costs you no more than $60 for your education, and $100 for webhosting for a whole year.

How many businesses can you really start off on such a shoestring? This is probably one of the fastest growing businesses in any arena, and to start off, plough through everything you read, and work at it on your computer. Remember that if you need to run a website, you don’t need to set up pages one at a go. You can have a blog to manage your affiliate program, and one of the optional (but very powerful) systems is Wordpress. If you are ready to start on this, you really should get yourself a copy of this Wordpress guidebook that can help you to accomplish a lot more with a lot less.

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